Curious why 53% of white women voted for Trump? Look no further than Serena-Joy

Right after the 2016 election, liberals collectively (and justifiably) lost their shit. They started clinging to any explanation of how we got here–and who was to blame–even if it didn’t really make much sense. They blamed the economic anxiety of poor whites, even though fear of racial diversity predicted a vote for Trump far more reliably than any economic factor. They bought into the hysteria about the “liberal echo chamber” to the point that the New York Times felt pressured to overcorrect and hire an illogical conservative who can’t even accept the word of 99% of scientists. But most curiously, liberals completely forgot that oppressed groups are not monoliths, and that individual members can be just as racist/sexist/anything-ist as your average old white man.

Case in point: this article from the feminist site Jezebel that ran the day after the election, which claimed that the fact that white people overwhelmingly voted for Trump proved that white supremacy is alive and well. So far, so good. But then, there was this little gem:

This is not about how much America hates women or how sexist America is, because it’s clear that white women helped facilitate Trump’s win. The majority of them, who cared more about maintaining their privilege than their freedom to choose, used minorities as sacrificial property in the process.

I call all of the bullshit on this. Did white women vote for Donald Trump in order to maintain white supremacy in this country? Yes, most likely. Should they be held accountable for their collective racism? Absolutely. Does any of this mean that the election wasn’t at all about sexism or, even more ridiculously, that America doesn’t hate women? Literally zero percent.

The fact that white women voted for Trump doesn’t change the fact that millions of people voted for a man who bragged about committing sexual assault. Even if racism was a more prominent factor in this election (which it almost certainly was), for 46% of American voters, blatant misogyny wasn’t a dealbreaker. The fact that white women voted to preserve their race privilege doesn’t do a damn thing to change that.

I already ranted in my last post that minorities were born into the same society as everyone else, and so are (almost) just as likely to have internalized prejudice. In the same vein, anti-feminist women have been fighting against their own progress just as long as feminist women have been fighting for it. From Phyllis Schlafly to Ann Coulter to Tomi Lahren, there has always been an intelligent, articulate, perfectly-coiffed woman who served as the far-right’s token mouthpiece, and used their elevated position to argue against equality for their own gender. Continue reading “Curious why 53% of white women voted for Trump? Look no further than Serena-Joy”

Shut Up, Fitz: 6×04 “The Belt”

Another episode with very little Fitz, thank the Lord. I think I’m going to like this new trend.

But, as per usual, when he was on screen he was the worst. The scene with him and the FBI director in bed was painful, and not just because they can’t seem to add a WOC to the cast who isn’t Fitz’s sex buddy. As many have already noted, they don’t just have zero chemistry, they have negative chemistry. Hot tip, Scandal writers: you don’t have to make literally everyone sleep with each other. Sometimes a black female FBI director is just a black female FBI director, not a weird Olivia replacement. Continue reading “Shut Up, Fitz: 6×04 “The Belt””

Don’t be fooled, Milo Yiannopolous loves identity politics

“I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim.”

This is how Milo Yiannopolous began his defense for remarks that apparently condoned child sexual abuse. He went on to say that his own experiences with abuse “led [him] to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject,” and that “when [he] mentioned the number 13, [he] was talking about the age [he] lost [his] own virginity.”

Let me get this straight. The same guy who famously said that, as a Breitbart editor, he wanted to “offend every reader,” the same guy who once told a woman, “Fuck your feelings!”  when she asked him whether his views invalidated the opinions of minorities, the same guy who said “fat acceptance” is “the most alarming and irresponsible idea to come out of leftist victimhood and grievance politics,” THAT GUY now wants our sensitivity?

This is classic Milo. It also happens to be classic identity politics. Continue reading “Don’t be fooled, Milo Yiannopolous loves identity politics”

Shut up, Fitz: Scandal 6×02 “Hardball”

Welcome to “Shut up, Fitz,” my weekly recaps of Scandal how terrible Fitz is. Because I don’t care how many times Shonda Rhimes tells us Olitz are “endgame” (ugh, vomit): Fitz is an attempted rapist, a spoiled brat, and an all-around entitled white guy. Fuck Fitz, and fuck this ship. Join me each week as I review Fitz’s most annoying, manbaby-ish moments.

The good news: Fitz had a total of maybe seven minutes of screentime in this episode. The bad news: everything he did onscreen was as insufferable (and plain stupid) as always. Let’s review: Continue reading “Shut up, Fitz: Scandal 6×02 “Hardball””

Trump talks Black History Month, forgets to talk about black people

By now, you may have already heard that Trump has absolutely no idea who Frederick Douglass is, and may even think he’s still alive. But as hilarious as that particular gaffe was, it has kind of overshadowed how horribly offensive and racist his entire speech was. It wasn’t just that he clearly had never heard of any black heroes in American history; he couldn’t even bring himself to talk about black people for more than a sentence or two. For Black History Month.

Here’s a transcript of his remarks (via The Concourse), annotated with every tone-deaf and/or outright racist thing he said: Continue reading “Trump talks Black History Month, forgets to talk about black people”