Crybaby trolls get mad about satirical Netflix series DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, don’t see the irony

For a group of people that criticizes liberals for being over-sensitive “snowflakes,” conservatives sure have lost their shit over this Dear White People teaser (which looks fucking awesome, btdubbs). Alt-right White supremacist trolls have launched a coordinated attack against the video, similar to the equal pay Audi commercial and the Ghostbusters trailer, so if you have a YouTube account, please like the video to counteract the inflated number of dislikes.

And while you’re at it, read the comments, because they’re hilariously pathetic. The trolls accuse the trailer, which literally does nothing but criticize racist white people for wearing blackface, of “racism against white people” (nope), “promoting black-on-white violence,” and, the old standby, “white genocide.”

Oh, and there’s plenty of casual usage of the n-word sprinkled in there. Just in case you weren’t sure that Trump has emboldened racists.

And the best part about all of this? Dear White People is intended as SATIRE. Not that POC need an excuse to lampoon the racist behavior of white people, but this still makes the crybabies’ complaints 1,000 times funnier. Who can’t take a joke now, trolls?

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