Shut Up, Fitz: 6×04 “The Belt”

Another episode with very little Fitz, thank the Lord. I think I’m going to like this new trend.

But, as per usual, when he was on screen he was the worst. The scene with him and the FBI director in bed was painful, and not just because they can’t seem to add a WOC to the cast who isn’t Fitz’s sex buddy. As many have already noted, they don’t just have zero chemistry, they have negative chemistry. Hot tip, Scandal writers: you don’t have to make literally everyone sleep with each other. Sometimes a black female FBI director is just a black female FBI director, not a weird Olivia replacement.

And as for the rest of the episode, where the hell does he get off yelling at Abby? Yes, she was letting the power get to her head, and she deserved a stern talking-to. But first of all, the only reason she got that much power in the first place is that Fitz kept delegating all of the difficult parts of the job to her while he was having affairs left and right. And second, why the fuck would he reprimand her in front of the FBI director?? That would be incredibly unprofessional, even if he weren’t having sex with her. Seriously, can he ever think with an organ other than his penis?

Here are a few other insufferable characters from last week, whom even Mellie’s dancing couldn’t make up for:

1. Abby

Ambitious Abby is only fun when she’s good at it. I actually like the character most of the time, but if this whole proto-Olivia thing is going to work, she needs to be much more savvy at manipulation than this.

2. Olivia

Speaking of Olivia, what has happened to her? She’s been our protagonist for six years, and we still don’t know what motivates her. She’s always been power-hungry, but in a more abstract sense, like she wanted to be the smartest and most competent person in every room. This whole “anything to get into the Oval” schtick just makes her look like a wannabe-Cyrus, which isn’t a good look for her.

3. Huck

Did anyone order another creepy Huck crush? I know I didn’t.

I hate Fitz, but even I can admit he adds something to the show. I cannot say the same for Huck, who could (and should) be killed off anytime without any detriment to the series. He has been pretty much irredeemable since he licked Quinn’s neck, and now he has yet another creepy crush that he spies on? What a fucking creep. The show kills delightful characters like James and leaves us with boring, creepy, annoying characters like Huck? Get your shit together, Scandal!

See you tonight!

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