Shut up, Fitz: Scandal 6×02 “Hardball”

Welcome to “Shut up, Fitz,” my weekly recaps of Scandal how terrible Fitz is. Because I don’t care how many times Shonda Rhimes tells us Olitz are “endgame” (ugh, vomit): Fitz is an attempted rapist, a spoiled brat, and an all-around entitled white guy. Fuck Fitz, and fuck this ship. Join me each week as I review Fitz’s most annoying, manbaby-ish moments.

The good news: Fitz had a total of maybe seven minutes of screentime in this episode. The bad news: everything he did onscreen was as insufferable (and plain stupid) as always. Let’s review: Continue reading “Shut up, Fitz: Scandal 6×02 “Hardball””