Shut Up, Fitz: 6×04 “The Belt”

Another episode with very little Fitz, thank the Lord. I think I’m going to like this new trend.

But, as per usual, when he was on screen he was the worst. The scene with him and the FBI director in bed was painful, and not just because they can’t seem to add a WOC to the cast who isn’t Fitz’s sex buddy. As many have already noted, they don’t just have zero chemistry, they have negative chemistry. Hot tip, Scandal writers: you don’t have to make literally everyone sleep with each other. Sometimes a black female FBI director is just a black female FBI director, not a weird Olivia replacement. Continue reading “Shut Up, Fitz: 6×04 “The Belt””

Shut up, Fitz: Scandal 6×02 “Hardball”

Welcome to “Shut up, Fitz,” my weekly recaps of Scandal how terrible Fitz is. Because I don’t care how many times Shonda Rhimes tells us Olitz are “endgame” (ugh, vomit): Fitz is an attempted rapist, a spoiled brat, and an all-around entitled white guy. Fuck Fitz, and fuck this ship. Join me each week as I review Fitz’s most annoying, manbaby-ish moments.

The good news: Fitz had a total of maybe seven minutes of screentime in this episode. The bad news: everything he did onscreen was as insufferable (and plain stupid) as always. Let’s review: Continue reading “Shut up, Fitz: Scandal 6×02 “Hardball””