The Emasculator Podcast: NYC attorney recounts the travel ban fight in JFK

NYC attorney Mitra Anoushiravani was on the front lines of the travel ban fight in JFK, which formed a janky type of headquarters in a diner in the airport. She felt compelled to spend almost a week in JFK fighting for her clients’ release, because she is one of the few attorneys in the area who is fluent in Farsi, and more importantly, because she believes detaining immigrants with visas and green cards is a basic human rights violation.

In this episode of The Emasculator Podcast, she tells me about how a small group of (mostly corporate) attorneys turned Central Diner into Resistance HQ, the unique challenges of representing clients who don’t even know they’re being represented, and the emotional moment in which the mother of a military veteran was reunited with her son.

And, as a bonus, Mitra just so happens to work for Hogan Lovells, the firm that argued against the travel ban in the Ninth Circuit, which handed down yet another resounding rejection last week.

Getting tired of winning yet, Donnie?

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